What does a “New normal” workplace look like?

Australia’s approach to the pandemic is garnering international praise and giving us a head start towards a new normal. However, we are still coming to grips with exactly what a new normal looks like. 

In December last year, Infrastructure Australia released a report looking at the year that was and took some educated guesses about the year that will be.

The role of the office in our work lives has been under the microscope ever since we first booted up zoom early last year. In America almost half of all full time workers are working remotely everyday (Stanford Institute for economic policy research). It has been proven that not only is a remote workforce possible, in a lot of ways it has proven to be more beneficial than traditional working arrangements.

Collaborating in person will still be important but where will it take place?

Businesses are responding to this revelation in different ways. However, the infrastructure Australia report has identified high rates of inner city office vacancies as a trend that will last into 2021.

Moving Forward, but to where?

Long story short businesses are on the move, to where? Well there are varying answers to that. Some are downsizing to adjust to an increasingly remote workforce, some are moving rurally. Some are looking to operate their entire business digitally. It raises the question, where will they store all their stuff?

When we say stuff we don’t mean the benign office bric-a-brac of wilting plants and your co-workers suspiciously pungent chair. The really important stuff, archives and records.

These documents contain incredibly sensitive information and require highly trained management during storage and destruction once they have expired. Many of these organisations on the move chose to outsource archive management to companies such as Smart Storage. 

Smart Storage manages archives in a secure off-site location and works closely with the organisation to provide files on demand. It’s an incredibly simple way to effectively maintain an archive while also diverting resources and attention to more pressing matters.

Off-site storage services will be highly sought after with businesses moving beyond brick and mortar establishments. As they still have to manage their businesses’ paper trail. 

Business can be undertaken in a range of new casual settings

These services are highly compatible with organisations who have a remote workforce as well. Smart Storage is capable of delivering sensitive documents to any location a decentralised workforce might be, residential, commercial buildings and even co-working spaces.

Wherever businesses is conducted in 2021, Smart Storage will be there to assist the businesses of the future.