The Smart Storage difference with Wilson Pateras & Brooke Bird

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Smart Storage is nothing without it’s customers and we’ve formed some great partnerships over the years. We decided to have a chat with two organisations which have used our services to see how their Smart Solutions have worked for them.

We caught up with Leanne from Wilson Pateras Accountants & Advisors and Carin from Brooke Bird, a liquidation firm. They have been customers of ours for a combined total of over 15 years! They love Smart Storage.

"Things have evolved over the years and improved every step of the way."

They had high praise for the custom solutions we have created to suit their organisation’s unique storage needs. Wilson Pateras recently decided to make their offices paper free following a merger with another accounting firm. Smart Storage’s scan and send service has been perfect for them.

WilsoN Pateras Accountants and Advisors

Enjoy a paperless office with smart storage scan and SEND.

Our Smart Scan and send services are one of our most popular document management solutions. Hundreds of organisations big and small have chosen to store their documents with us in our purpose built document storage facility. But what sets us apart from the standard ‘storage’ companies is our ability to maximise your access to your files.

 Although they may be out of sight for you, you will always be able to access your documents on demand through either a digital copy or get your hard copy returned within 24 hours with our courier service.

” All I have to do is contact Toby and say this is the file I need, could you please scan it and he does.” Leanne said.

"It's so nice that I'm not emailing a range of people to get what I need."

The simplicity of dealing with Smart Storage was also a highlight for Carin.

"Plenty of businesses offer document storage but it's the reliability and customer service that we really value, I'm serious! There's just something about you guys, it's good old fashioned customer service."

Old fashioned service, modern solutions

When you join Smart Storage you will be assigned an account manager who will take care of all your wants and needs throughout the smart storage process. It’s simple and clear communication. We’ll always treat you as a person not a number.

"Everything is really transparent, it's really easy for us to tell what everything will cost."

A member of the smart team, finding solutions with a smile.

Brooke Bird initially joined us after being unhappy with their previous storage provider and have since gone on to use many of the services offered by smart storage. 

“We were so unhappy with our old storage provider at the time, we contacted Smart Storage and explained our requirements. They had software that could actually do everything we need!”

Smart Software, An archiving gamechanger

SmartSoft is the latest innovation in archive management. It’s built with customers’ needs in mind. 

Access online records any time, keep them well maintained with built in destruction schedules and enjoy peace of mind with high security and simple indexing.

Liquidation can be very time sensitive and Carin was able to rely on the smart team to get everything done on time.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

"We are on a timeline to get records out of a building before we have to start paying next month's rent. We used your services to unpack filing cabinets and boxes for us. It is really important to us that it gets done well and is reliable.

Our warehouse and delivery team are the backbone of Smart Storage, they’ve done thousands of jobs and you wouldn’t believe the scale of some of them. They are true professionals and your documents will always be safe in their hands. 

Plus they are super friendly and accommodating so if you ever have questions when they are on site don’t hesitate to ask!

The Smart Storage 'Fortress'

The storage facility itself was very important to Brooke Bird for off-site storage.

“It is very important for us to be compliant and prove that we are looking after these documents to ensure they are kept in a safe environment. That’s how we got to Smart Storage.”

Our facility is a public record office approved storage site. This means that our facility has been independently assessed and approved to store public records by the Public Record Office of Victoria. That means 24/7 security, facility wide fire management, vault storage and secure destruction. 

Unique solutions for unique customers

At Smart Storage we really pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke solutions for our clients. We don’t say we’ll move mountains for you for no reason!

Carin said ” I can always talk to someone and say this is what we would like and then they go and make it work.”

Leanne’s organisation had stored with us for years prior to their merger. But going paperless meant they needed a smarter option to keep accessing their files.

“Now that we’re paperless we just access all our files digitally through Smart Storage.”

It’s always a pleasure to deal with our customers and our customer service is beloved by organisations.

“It doesn’t matter who you contact, somebody on the phone, accounts, queries, the delivery team, or the collection team. Everyone is polite and respectful and that is just amazing.”

“Smart Storage has a big thumbs up from me, it’s been great!”

But don’t just take their words for it, experience Smart Storage yourself! Give us a call today and experience the customer service and custom solutions that our customers love.   

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