Records Management Software

Powerful Online Software

Access your records anytime anywhere with our powerful online software.

We’ve tailored our online document management software to meet your needs. You’ll have access to your records online at any time and it includes built in destruction schedules, the highest security, and easy indexing systems.

Get access to your documents in seconds.

Our Software Features

Encrypted & Protected Online Data

In-built Destruction Schedules

Easily Enter New Documents & Files

Track Files Across Locations

Easy File Search & of Request Files

Scan & Upload Digital Copies of Files

Perfect for Onsite, Offsite & Digital

Our software keeps track of the locations of all your documents regardless of their location. With the click of a button you can request boxes or files from offsite storage and get them delivered fast.

When using onsite, our team will work with you to understand your numbering process to make sure any future documents searches are easy and fast.

Better yet, if you need to physically store old files but digitise new documents – our software can do this too!

Document digitisation

Manage Onsite & offsite

Know exactly what’s in your archives even when they are stored in multiple locations

Upload Digital documents

Unlimited digital storage capacity for your documents and files.

Powerful Searches

Easily find the exact location of your documents in seconds

Audit Logging

Track with finite detail your document’s every move

Fine Grain Security

Top Grade online document storage security for your peace of mind

Multi User Accessibility

Allow your entire team access to your archives or limit it to a select few

Time to digitise?

Let the Smart Storage team take care of the scanning and uploading of your digital files directly into our online software!

Click here to find out more on our digitisation services