Smart Storage can help you with your secure document destruction, ensuring your confidential documents are securely shredded in line with industry standards.

Document Destruction Made Smarter

Our secure document destruction and shredding process is T4 & NAID AAA Certification accredited and we go to special lengths to make sure that documents which we shred are given as much importance as documents we store.

We offer many different options to suit your business needs, including options for both on-site and off-site destruction.


Why destroy Securely?

Reduce chances of
identity theft
Keep your
business secure
Comply with the
privacy act

Onsite destruction bins

Secure document shredding is the most effective way to safely dispose of documentation your business no longer requires.

Whether you want a small and versatile office bin or something larger for big destruction jobs, our range of onsite destruction options have you covered.

Bin Specs



Recommended Use



Easily lifted by one or two people once full.

Can fit discretely under desks or in a corner of your office

Ideal for organisations which require a low volume of document destruction monthly

Individual units available from $29.95 + GST


Heavy once full but can be easily wheeled around.

Half the size of a standard bin.

Ideal for organisations which require a medium volume of document destruction monthly

Individual units available from $44.95 + GST


Very Heavy once full.

We recommend keeping these bins in a stationary position for our team to pick up.

Ideal for organisations which require a large volume of document destruction monthly

Individual units available from $48.95 + GST

Set a pickup schedule with us

If your organisation requires destruction on a regular basis, discuss creating an ongoing destruction schedule with us.

Lockable & Securely Shredded

Our 120L & 240L bins are locked to protect your information. Our shredding process is T4 & NAID AA CERTIFIED.

Speedy Pickup & Delivery

When your bin is full we’re only a phone call away. Bins are generally swapped within 24 hours of placing an order.

Flexible solutions

On-site document destruction

Our most popular secure document destruction service is having one of our blue 240L or 120L Document Destruction bins on site for you when you need it.

These locked bins can be left onsite and be filled with all confidential documents, once they’re full we pick them up and ensure the contents are securely shredded. Easy!


offsite document destruction

When you store your files offsite with us, we can work with you & your retention schedules to automate regular destruction schedules ensuring you only store files for the length needed. Our purpose-built software helps with all aspects of this.

When it comes time to securely shred your files, we triple check the destruction dates and send the list to you for final approval before shredding.

Smarter Secure Document Shredding

We make it even easier for you to securely destroy your documents and files.
  •  There are no set up fees
  • No lock in contracts
  • Have a bin onsite or have us come and collect one-off documents for destruction
  • Service within 24 hours, or faster!
  • Competitive Charges
  • Shredded with SCEC endorsed equipment
  • Fexible Services – If you it done give us a cal and we can organise it!

Archive box destruction

Clear out your office of old documents! Our archive box destruction service ensures your data is protected with us doing all the work for you! 

We can handle jobs of any size and can work with you on indexing boxes to understand exactly how many files and boxes need to be destroyed.

Our Archive box destruction service is tailored to your needs, so get in touch with us to organise a site visit and for us to organise a quote.

We can also store your excess archive boxes until they need to be destroyed!


Our team can remove archive boxes of all shapes and sizes and our shredders can destroy all sorts of items.

We can destroy items such as; Office waste, E waste Recycling, Hard drives, Media and branded promotional items. 

Get a Secure Document Destruction Quote

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