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Smart storage changes summary

Storage of your records, document destruction bin services, and physical retrieval and access to your records, including scan and send requests, will now be provided by Grace. At this point in time, no action is required from customers. Over the next 5 months, Smart Records Group is working very closely with Grace to make the transition as smooth as possible. All processes will remain the same for the time being, including how you access your records. Grace Information Management will be in touch with customers over the next few months to discuss your accounts.
Grace Information Management is the second largest provider of information management solutions in the Australasia region. They have a strong heritage and as part of the Grace Worldwide Group of Companies, Grace provides a comprehensive platform of product options to suit the needs of clients, with service and quality being the driving force underpinning all of Grace’s offerings. It is on this basis that Smart Storage has entrusted Grace with the ongoing service of your records management needs.
We have experienced substantial growth in our offsite storage business which has meant that to continue to offer such a service, we would have to invest a significant amount of capital to secure another facility. As such, the difficult decision was made to entrust another company – Grace – with managing offsite records so that Smart Records Group can re-shift its focus to onsite, maintenance, and digital solutions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries you may have – you can reach us on 1300 889 837 or alternatively you can also email us at For all future orders or actions that need to take place on your account, you can contact For Grace account enquiries please touch base with Phil Ganavas on who is your new account manager.