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Ensure your organisation meets your legal requirements in archiving compliance & record retention

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Are you on top of your archiving compliance and ensuring your documents are compliant with your relevant retention schedule?

Develop your own organisational retention policy which integrates the various compliance standards applicable to your industry.

This cornerstone document will help to shape all other aspects of your organisation’s records management policies and procedures.

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How we can help you

Our expert team can meet with you to ensure you are on top of your archiving compliance and remain compliant on all aspects of your record keeping. We can assist with:

Keep full and
accurate records
managing a records management program
Record keeping
Appraisal & dISPOSAL

record management services

We understand that storing your documents means more than simply putting a box on a shelf. From creation to destruction, we can help you efficiently understand and manage your documents.

In consultation with you, we will attempt to discover and understand the flow of information within your organisation, streamline your processes and suggest an optimal and cost-effective solution. 

We assist you in creating policies and procedures in-line with various ATO and industry archival retention standards.

Understand your Retention Schedule

Document Retention Schedules

We have expert knowledge of destruction schedules for a wide range of professions and organisations, including schools, legal practices and accountancy firms.

This means you don’t waste space with records you no longer legally need to retain and can securely destroy them.

If you need help with understanding your retention schedules and legal requirements get in touch with our team.

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